Sunday, August 17, 2008


Wow! Where has the time gone? It only felt like a couple short weeks since last I blogged. Where do I begin? Since it's been so long, this post might be quite lengthly.

Here's a few photos of something we love to do. 
Most of all it calms us all down even though we haven't driven very far from our door. Down by a creek in our city is the spot of choice this day. Looks like the big tall kid (Daddy) is collecting rocks.  

I introduced Big Brother to sketching in nature, I was surprised that he actually drew something. Hooray!

I went camping with some girlfriends (all by myself, yipee!), then the boys and I stayed at my parents for about 10 days. This photo below is of the boys swimming in the lake my parents live on. 

My oldest is on his way home soon from a week of camp at Circle Square Ranch (which he says he could stay for a whole month if he could). 

While the kids and I have been on so many adventures, my husband (bless him) has been working hard and when at home ripping out carpet, priming all the walls in the house, putting trim around the exterior and other stuff. Lets just say he's been a Busy Daddy Bee. 

I just started ordering some school stuff, Math U See should be on its way soon. 
I'm also on my way with planning the year and trying to organize my son's room (the make-shift school storage place), because we have a small place and no basement. I've tried getting some organization/storage ideas from a few blogs and well I'm a bit nervous about the space issue, I'm really going to have to be inventive with space and have a smile on my face for my husband through it all. 
I think my main concern is to keep what we are actually using and give away books that don't have much to offer, I mean things with no substance if you know what I mean. Everyone has a weakness, mine happens to be books - love em. 

Travel News!
We just booked flights to go visit my husbands family in Sept/Oct. I'm excited because its been over 4 years since we've been there. Any Canadians out there know that flying within our country is a bit expensive - to put it mildly. So for Sept/Oct to go along with our trip we will be studying the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Practicing our french should be fun. 


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  1. Yeah summer fun! And isn't it great when daddy is in on it! It looks like you guys had fun on vacation.



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