Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tot School - A peak at the last 2 weeks

I can't say we really had any specific Tot time because it's been only my little 
guy and me all week, with Daddy at work and big bro at camp, he's had me all to himself. We've played in the kiddy pool, played with lacing cards, animal cards, Busy Bugs, Play Dough, I caught him yesterday going for his little Tot Books I made for him, yeah. 
My memory card on the camera was quite full from our little adventures the past few weeks, so I only have a few pictures to show for Tot School this week. The first two were from 2 weeks ago before we went away and I didn't post Tot School at that time.

We made Apple Tree Puppets this day. I took out the puppet supplies and he insisted we make tree puppets. Take a guess which one is his. Bigger the better. I cut out the circles for him and one craft stick just wasn't enough, he wanted two glued together. We had fun together. By the way, when the trees spoke they sounded an awful lot like a little toddler I know, quite cute!  

Marble Run has to be one of his favorite big boy (mommy takes it out and is supervised at all times) toy. He was able to play all by himself this time without big bro. I put it together for him, of course because he gets frustrated when he tries to put pieces together on his own and can't. Look at the intensity in that face. I love it!

This picture was just taken two days ago. Rollers are fabulous, I found two more different shaped ones at a dollar store on my camping trip. It was raining that day O.K. ( I'm chuckling along with you) and we went to the nearby town and shopped. What else would four women do in the rain, stay dry indoors of course and we just happened to stumble into a store or two. 
(Oh boy, I just got myself into trouble by saying "what else would women do?", HA HA)
Enough about that.

Mr. Tot really enjoys painting about once a week. I'm glad.  
That about does it.
I'm going to be back on track with blogging Tot School this week because our home schedule will soon be back to normal.

For more Tot School posts please go to the source 1+1+1=1.

Bye Bye

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