Thursday, August 21, 2008

Count Down

School time is almost here. 
I plan to start on September 1. I don't have everything we need yet, which is not a problem seeing how the first month will be quite a bit of review. My oldest just came home from camp recently, so that's also why we aren't starting yet. I would like to be on our new home school schedule by the last week of August. I will also introduce some light work on that week, seeing how the summer has been almost solidly packed with play time (don't want to shock us all into the new routine ha ha). Sept. 1 will be our official start date. I'm sure my first week will be full of "OK God, please help me again", tears from all of us and maybe even some smiles. Oh boy, I sure do hope there'll be at least one smile from my schooler. 
 I was thinking of putting something up in the house like scripture or just some simple rules for home school and what'll ya know. Thank you to Carisa for the Our Rules on a post recently. I am going to use these rules if that's alright? When I read Carisa's post I thought "this is perfect", the first rule is complete for me, BE LIKE CHRIST, great!

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