Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Tot school - Daddy's on Holidays

This week was nice to have Daddy home. We've been doing a few things here and there as a family. No big vacation planned but just having Daddy home is great.

Toddler (tot school) time has been spent doing some unusual things, for a mommy. Playing with the water hose, digging in daddy's tool box, lots of sand play outside, watching daddy play beach volleyball.

Here he's playing with magnetism. He thought it was neat, he asked for his magnet and paperclip the next day and played with it again.

(Sorry for the following pictures, I forgot to fix them before uploading.)
Beading and lacing hasn't been taken out for a while and to my wonderful surprise my little guy actually put the beads on the string. As I've mentioned in the past that he was using the beads as balls (not my favorite activity). The beading turned out to be a necklace.

Big brother is a really good paper airplane maker. So little brother gave it a try this day.

I totally believe that every toddler needs to roll down a hill along with every adult. ha ha
 That's what he's doing here.

Watching Daddy play volleyball.

Keeping off the court while watching Daddy play. They mostly buried a volleyball inside a mountain (don't have a shot). We had fun watching Daddy play with the big boys for once.

Working hard to water Daddy's grass. Yes that's the handle of a pressure washer (without the engine running of course).
That's his bike helmet by the way, it's cute seeing him want it on in the house too. You see, the helmet doubles as his work hat, apparently.
 I'm not sure where he got that idea from because Daddy doesn't wear a hard hat at work, it could have been from a Mighty Machines dvd borrowed from a friend recently. 

Potty training is still going well. Yeah. What a big boy.

Well, that's it for Tot School and on to another week. For more Tot School posts go to 1+1+1=1.


  1. Oh....I really hope that you continue this blog! I really love it! Your boys are just adorable and I got some awesome ideas off from it! This is my first yr homeschooling. I just started this month...Im a little lost, but doing ok> LOL



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