Sunday, July 13, 2008

Flower Toddler Lapbook or How Carisa calls it-TOTBOOK

The FLOWER TOTBOOK that I started back in May (bad mama) is finally finished. I left the front side open for my little guy to colour and add stickers. I found a few old overhead sheets so I made a clear pocket to put the pink number petals in. My tot went for those pieces right away, probably because he could actually see what was inside which drew his attention to play, yeah for inventiveness. 
He has played with the Number game and he's searched for some of the stickers I placed, kind of like "I SPY". He noticed the alphabet stickers and began to sing the ABC Song. I'm glad he's using it. Although, I think I might need to make a Totbook with a more suited theme that he'll find more enjoyment in.


  1. Good for you to do those totbooks, I am really planning on doing that too.

  2. Not a bad momma. You got it done, didn't you? :-)
    Great job! Carisa's things are amazing!



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