Sunday, July 13, 2008


I bought these children's fitness balls a while back and I finally took them out and blew them up. I'm glad I did because my Tot is just the right size for his now. I needed to let quite a bit of air out of both so that my Tot could JUMP and so my oldest wouldn't JUMP TOO HIGH.

Alphabet Puzzle time.

Here he's trying out some of big brothers magnetic building set.

Nice star bud!

I found wipe off books at the Dollar Store the other day, 123, ABC, Multiplication and Division. I really like dry erase markers but the smell seems strong, I wonder if there's a low odor type.

And finally (because of privacy issues there is no photo) this week (not planned) my Tot has been using the potty. Hooray! Only a few accidents here and there. I tried to train him at 2, in October and he wasn't quite ready, but now he seems ready. I'm very pleased because it seems he has a good sized bladder (makes training easier).

Sorry for the potty details but in Toddler world that's great news!
So I guess that's it for Tot School this week.

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