Tuesday, August 26, 2008


This is what we have going so far for our home school organization. 
Keep in mind this is all in my sons room.
Our cool silver white boards will hold our daily schedule and other notes, extra stationary items

I bought a large wooden shelf and this is half of it to keep our today bin, work finished/unfinished and the Tot bin on the right. The green and yellow bin comes out to the kitchen table in the morning for Tot school and regular school time. I really like the bin idea so far. The lower shelf holds a Tot basket with markers and such, lap book items and all kinds of paper.

Here at the bottom are all our bins to hold items by subject. Science, Math, History/S.S. 

Swing over to the left and here is the cork board for whatever we need to tack up and art projects. Another book shelf with Tot and a craft bin at the top. Next shelf is small piece games, more Tot stuff, microscope and my "don't touch" stuff (paper cutter, etc.). Next shelf is all our art related items like crayons, markers, pencils, glue, stickers, scissors and such. 

Next on the shelf are all the binders, resources, work books we will be using. The bottom shelves are books that are related to school like early readers, living books, book study literature, science books, chapter books. In the right of the photo is the other half of the big shelf (remember). I put it together in a way that resembles a desk and stuck our office chair (with no current use) for my guy to use when he needs somewhere proper to sit that's also quiet and away from us. My portable black file box behind the golf bag on the left of the shelf holds all the other school stuff, papers and catalogues.
Ya, that's my son's golf bag in front of the shelf (no closet space for it).
 All I can say is - we have a small house.

 The majority of school time seems to be at the kitchen table so far or in the living room (which is all one room anyway). I must sound like we live in a teeny tiny house, it's not as bad as I sound. haha

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  1. It's looking good. And look at how organised you are and how happy E is with it all!



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