Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tot School

My oldest was still away from home for the first two photos. So my tot and I were able to spend lots of time playing together.

He loves puppets, so naturally as a craft I helped him make one. I cut out some shapes like circles, rectangles, triangles and squares. A piece of black ribbon was used for the mouth, he made sure to include a belly button (if you noticed). I think he did an excellent job.

While Mr. Puppet dried Mr. Tot played play-dough. My tummy was quite full of pretend food when he was finally finished playing.

The days here are slowly getting cooler, so fitting in some water play before fall was high on our agenda.  

While out in the pool I found a grasshopper and gave it to my little guy. 
I'm surprised how long the little critter hung out to play with us.
Especially the amount of kissing and kid handling it went through. 

"Look at my grasshopper Daddy."
 It was quite a site to see the hopper jump and end up staying on his belly.  
He didn't want the grasshopper to come any closer to his chest because in his words-
 "I don't want the grasshopper to get my booby".
Oh, too funny!

That's it for us this week. Here's a link for other posts of Tot School.

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