Friday, August 29, 2008

How was our first week of school? or as my son calls it - PRACTICE WEEK

This week started off good and ended wonderful. Monday morning after breakfast we read a devotional story, prayed, wrote out the memory verse then got started on our first subject, L.A. 

I'm using the grade 2 section of First Language Lessons to start off with to cover what we need before moving on to grade 3 work in the late fall. Math was next. We are doing Math U See Gamma. Again for the first month or so I'm actually only using the blocks to work with what should be review. Coming out of 2nd grade and not knowing how to properly subtract is an issue. So we are reviewing grade 2 at the moment until he's good and ready to start his Gamma lessons.  

I took advantage this week to sneak in a nature walk without anyone knowing, until my big guy saw the sketchbook I packed, then in a concerned voice "you brought school stuff?". oops! 
I took some pictures and asked him some questions relating to what we saw. 
It wasn't so bad, haha. I'll post our nature walk in a different post.  

The next two pictures were taken today. E's relaxing and playing a Jump Start DVD game.
While little brother is playing trains. Great week to the beginning of home school.

I asked him what was this week like for you? I got this picture along with "pretty good".

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