Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tot School - Wow!

I couldn't believe what my tot did this week. He blew me away as did big brother. 

Mr. Tot wanted to make a caterpillar out of an egg carton. 
His attention span lasted to the end of the craft.

Here it is!
He made sure to include a big blue mouth (the blue line in front, under the eyes)
We were feeding it with pretend leaves. Munch munch munch.

He wanted to do some gluing, so I pulled out some stuff and...

here's what he made.

Oh joy! Starfall
He's tried it once before but I felt he was a bit young (which was only a few months ago).
Look at how he's moving the mouse all on his own AND playing the little game all on his own too. WOW! I was impressed at the coordination, especially because he's using the laptop mouse on the keyboard.
(whenever he got a match)

Yes, our lovely caterpillars are still crawling around.
Now, he's picking them up and saying "cute".
We went to the library this week and I let him take one from our yard into the car and then to the library, before we went in I had him let the caterpillar go in a flower pot. 
Good thing, because I don't think the staff would like it if we hadn't gotten rid of it.

Baby sitting 101. 

He's reading (looking at the pictures) from the book A New Butterfly.

My husband bought our oldest a set of golf clubs this week, which I was really on the fence about ($$$), if it gets Daddy and the boys out together then it's worth the money, I guess. So Saturday morning we all went out to the golf range. I wish I had brought my camera because it was so great to watch the men do their thing. Daddy was teaching big bro how to swing and I was being entertained by our tot on the putting green. We were so impressed at how well they did. Both learning a new skill and their behavior was great. They had a wonderful time. Next time I'll be sure to remember the camera.

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  1. Oh, we love starfall! Bubba always picks the green letters :)

    I love Mr. Tot's little caterpillar, and then to get to play with them out side as well....what a great week!



  2. This week amazed me too, I just feel like Kyler is growing so quickly! I love Mr Tot's caterpillar!



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