Sunday, June 15, 2008

Breaking the Routine

So I need to say that being a mom can have it's ups and downs as you all know and today is an up day for me.
Sundays are not really our day of rest around here because we attend our first church service at 9:30 then I serve as a leader in kids church during second service (my husband works half the Sundays, so I'm juggling the kids most of the time) and by the time we all get home to have lunch it's about 1:30. The youngest has a nap, we eat supper and back at church (usually) for our evening service at 6:00pm.


So, my husband was off today + Fathers Day and he helped out with our little one.
I let my tot skip his nap = He fell asleep at 6:00pm - ya!
My husband is on night shift tonight = My son and I had eggs and toast for supper hehehe.
I didn't go to church tonight.
Put all that together and that equals a pretty easy day. 

Tonight my oldest and Me played Pet Shop and now he's reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and it's past 9:00 (bed time was at 8:00 and Daddy would have made sure of that if he were here).

We got to spend some time together which doesn't happen at night.
Hooray Mommy time!

The book he's reading is one that he thought would be boring and I just checked in and he's on chapter 4 and he really likes it. 

Now, if I would have stuck to our regular Sunday routine then we wouldn't have played Pet Shop together and he might not have been so eager to read a new BIG book. I think just spending some time with Mom that was at an unusual time really made him feel special. 

I sowed into him so then in turn that enabled him to reach for more for himself, by trying out a big book. 

So the next time you are planning your day timer just think about how taking a detour one day might make room for something wonderfully unexpected to happen, like having some much needed special one on one time with the child that doesn't get Mommy as much as the younger ones.

Thank you God for unexpected quality time with special little ones. 

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