Monday, June 23, 2008

Tot School - slow week

We didn't do too much indoor planned learning. There was more outdoor fun and discovery with bugs and friends this week and I totally forgot to photograph also. Here is the little bit from a couple days that I photographed.

He's making a card for Grandma's birthday.

If I remember correctly he said this was a painting of an elephant.

He took out a bible coloring sheet to colour. 

Take a picture of the pencil mom, "cheese pencil". 

He made a ball out of play doh. This was his first time mixing colours together. I never used to let my oldest mix the colours, how silly I was. I never even mixed the colours when I was young, I think I didn't want to wreck the play doh, where's the fun in that. I love how I relax more with my children as grow as a mother.

Helping Daddy water the lawn.
That's it for Totschool.

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  1. I've relaxed a lot, too, but I am still anal about not mixing playdough! lol



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