Sunday, June 29, 2008


Just got back from a reunion today (just the kids and I) and my brain feels a bit fried because I am sun burnt, I'm tired (lack of sleep and family drama), sore from playing softball yesterday and today was hot, 30 c (almost 90 F). 
Now with some wonderful news. 
My wonderful husband picked up an a/c unit on the way home from work tonight, so now we will be wonderfully comfortable. Yeah!
I like the word WONDERFUL today, don't I. lol
So my Totschool info might be a bit bare bones today.

Muffin cups were used for counting (not my doing), while I was baking.   

I found this item some time ago and decided to pull it out to see what my Tot would do. He spent a great amount of time drawing the eyes on all the animals. I like the dry erase marker with it because of the limitless play my kids can have.   

Every time the octopus would juggle Mr. Tot would do the same.

I thought this was quite a good shot. My little guy took a picture of his Bat Man and here it is.

Last but not least, Connect 4 (travel size). He enjoyed this game opposed to the larger Connect 4 game that we have. He counted some of the pieces and named the colours. It seemed like he just had a great time filling in all the empty spots over and over again.

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  1. That Mad Art book looks like a great Travel book too! Great Batman picture!

    I'm sunburned too.....over 90 this week and even with Sunscreen, I'm toast!



  2. sooo cute, and I love the animal dry erase book!



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