Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Butterflies and Story Writing

We found a cute little butterfly today. I brought it in the house and put a dab of honey on this flower so that we could watch it for a while. It was so nice to watch the butterfly eat, the kids loved to watch it also. This was wonderful timing because my oldest is working on a lapbook about butterflies and moths through Little Laplinks June Lapbook on "Bugs" at Lapbook Lessons.
 My oldest was using the proper names for the parts of the butterfly while we were observing it. Words like proboscis and abdomen seem to be just part of his little vocabulary. Oh, its cute. Kids are awesome.

I tried looking for the name of the butterfly on the net and I haven't found it yet, I'll keep looking, I'm also hoping someone might know of what type this might be. I should just purchase an insect field guide for our area instead of wasting time searching on the web.

My oldest decided "out of the blue" to write a story. Yeah, I got my chance to introduce story mapping. Here is the beginning of his fairy tale. He was so eager just to type it out on the computer but he's at the stage now where I think he needs to learn how to develop the story out on paper first. He seems excited about the process, we'll see how it goes. This is the beginning of his story map. The main characters are a Knight and a Dragon (I'm quite sure the dragon is friendly, like a pet).  

I purchased some of these Bookbinding Kits some time ago and at the time thought that they would be great to use for homeschooling to maybe help my boy get excited about story writing. I think this might be my chance to use one now. I love inexpensive little helpers like this.

I'm excited for the care free feeling of summer that might make way for free flowing imagination.

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  1. okay tell me about lapbooks. What age are they geared at? I am very interested in starting Ethan on something.



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