Saturday, March 8, 2008

Home Education

We've recently decided to make the move into home education. As the main provider of learning (teacher) to my children I am responsible for the majority of their learning. That in mind, I have been pining away at the internet for all that I can find to educate myself about this potential life-style change. In all the reading that I have done this is the first thing that I come across as an answer to one of my unspoken prayers. 
God, why do I want to home-educate my children? 
The blog quote below lists reasons which I believed weighed down the homeschool scale for me.
Until now I didn't really understand where Christ fit in. I'm a believer, I know that God is the center, or is He? I am a product of the education system, so it can be difficult for me to put it together. (God - Education. I'm learning) I know that I need to base education on what scripture has to say.
But there was more than just one minute where I thought homeschool was going to be my resolve for some things in our home.
Instead of making Jesus my Lord, I was making homeschooling the lord.
"Lady", (I say to myself) "He's at the top, don't forget it."

Why claw my way through the mud in the pit, when I can so easily raise my head, reach out my hand and there comes my refuge, my strong tower. 
Thank you Jesus, I will ponder this in my heart because I know that you are preparing the way.
A quote from
"Just in the past few months adultery, divorce, and suicide have all touched our local homeschool community. Homeschooling is not the salvation of our culture. Jesus is. Homeschooling will not make a family successful. Jesus does. Homeschooling will not keep a child from rebellion. Jesus does. Homeschooling will not keep a marriage strong. Jesus does. And the minute, I think that homeschooling will do any of these things, is the day I begin the slide toward defeat. Homeschooling will not build a successful family any more than a hammer will build a successful house."

It's been a long day
God Bless everyone

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