Thursday, March 13, 2008

0 degrees celsius. 
The buds on the trees are beginning to appear and some are slightly green. Or am I just imagining it? No, I'm quite sure I saw some lovely greenish looking buds today. It's a wonderful sight to see green, even if it is just a little spirt of it. The winter was, well winter. I'm glad spring is on it's way. The stores are stocking the shelves with spring/summer merchandise. As I walk through the newly stocked isles I have to refrain from purchasing whatever pleases my eye. The sidewalk chalk and bubbles are out and, oh my I wish it was warm and dry enough outside to make sidewalk art and catch bubbles in the wind. Soon enough, soon enough. There is one item that I could not pull myself away from which I did bring home with me, it was a pair of big black clunky rubber boots. I have big plans for the newly purchased footwear. My children will be impressed with my new attire when we go stomping and mucking through the woods behind our home, when winter has finally passed.  

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