Saturday, March 9, 2013

Week 9 Wrap Up

Monday is quite vague. I do know that all week Eagle has been enamoured by Tolkien's Lord of the Rings. 

Tuesday Daddy went back to work
We cleaned and organized the basement most of the day, unpacking more boxes, and setting aside a box for a garage sale in hopes to purge.

Wednesday felt like a Monday. Oh true it was. Slow. Day.
I had to just go with it. Watching for cues from children is sometimes all we can focus on in a day to avoid melt downs or fits, hey Moms?

We started back into History (finally), after a four month hiatus. Zazu is now joining us with our History study. What joy it was to pull out our Story of the World materials. 

I prefer the CD's, the narration is far beyond what I'm capable of. I toyed with the idea of purchasing the CD's for Volume One but waited till Vol. 2 to purchase. I have a bad habit of not completing books or painfully dragging out curricula if it's left to me to read aloud. I know... my secret is out. I read aloud for Geography, Science and Math (Zazu). I chose to let Eagle mostly read SOTW alone in our first years, to give myself a break when I had a toddler and small baby to care for. I realized last year in preparing for Zazu to join Eagle with history this year that the CD's would be wonderful for all of us to listen to. And hopefully complete in a timely fashion.

I took my camera out, after being packed away for over three months. And when I dusted off the nikon this week the objects through the lens looked even more appealing.
It felt so good to click, click, click.

It will be an even more momentous occasion when we make a space for me to work (make art)! It was going to be the loft because of all the natural light. But unfortunately the combination of home school library, a cream leather love seat, light high pile carpet; just doesn't jive well with making art.
It will happen, God willing. We'll figure it out, soon I hope.

Carrying on...

The morning was hurried along because of an invite to tea and play that afternoon. A highlight of the morning was teaching Zazu millions place value. It was a hard concept for him. He's got an understanding of hundreds, so hopefully soon what I diagrammed will reach him. This chart reminded me to have him make an entry in his math journal, but his (I'm done) ques were telling me otherwise.

The boys individual studies were completed before I allowed us to leave the house. I found that I needed to remind them of our engagement continually for them to stay on task. I reminded (hopefully not nagging) to get back on task or I would consider leaving them home while I went out for tea. 

The Thursday afternoon get-togethers have been a God sent for me since moving here. It was so refreshing.

My plans were to read most of our school time.
I had an interrupted night because Alba was having growing pains in her legs. So the morning started slowly with me out of my room by 8:30 and tried my best to get everyone on task with morning chores without grumpy Mommy making an appearance. The younger two had a bath, while Eagle took the dogs for a walk. I quickly made myself a shake and to the computer I went to photocopy some things for school. All was going well considering our very late start, when the phone rang and it was a girlfriend from where we previously lived. We had a wonderful chat and touched on issues we're struggling with. She means a lot to me! 
I did one of those multitasking things, where I bathed the children and got them dressed all while on the phone without even knowing I did. Similar to driving and forgetting you were driving. It's humorous to think that I really multitasked this morning. 
Unfortunately Zazu and Aylah were enjoying my long conversation with my friend too much, so much that they got into much trouble. I found them throwing clean laundry into the pile of dirty, down the laundry shoot. Then grabbing clean mixed with dirty laundry (whatever they could grab) and carrying it back up the stairs and throwing that pile down, and so on. So, I was obviously now pleased. I then gave the job of re-sorting the laundry to Zazu (lesson learned I hope). When all the commotion ended the digital clock in my room displayed 11:00 am. WOW. Oops. Already time to prepare lunch and we hadn't even began the PLAN for the day. But God's plan is so much better, isn't it?!

Long talk with a friend and character building moments for Mommy and children.

We did eventually get down to our studies, just not in the morning. Afternoon came along after kitchen chores were completed and we listened to our first piece of music by our second composer of our school year, which is Handel. While listening we coloured Latin vocabulary sheets, started math lessons and of course the time sucking bathroom breaks... you know those? When 2-3 kids simultaneously seem to need to use the bathroom, get a drink or "I'm hungry...!".  These afternoon school days seem to just drag on. blah!

Most days I wonder if we get anything accomplished with all the delays and daydreaming out the window. When I reflect back on our week without journalling throughout our days, I'm discouraged with the thought that we are only sitting down to our studies twice a week. With my husbands work schedule the way it is, it can be frustrating to work around and what makes things worse is my lack of focus (distractions even for me, I know) and time management. But I'm learning.

So here's a little joyful listen to Handel to ease the pain.

I ordered books today.
Enter Happy Dance!

Here are a few books from my order.

Bumblebee at Apple Tree Lane - a Smithsonian's Backyard Book


Roughly twice a month we have a Saturday school day to complete things which weren't in the week.
I longed for a good chunk of time to just sit and read to the kids. It's difficult with our school days to fit it all in plus reading aloud. I wanted Friday to be a day where we got the basics done and read aloud. I had Zazu colour a latin vocab sheet while I read from the Jesus Story Book Bible with Alba cuddled up yawning on my lap, and Eagle typing up a book review on the computer; all in the same room. I also read the first chapter from All-of-a-kind-Family. It was cute the way Eagle interupted to tell me what a "whatnot" was. I didn't have a clue. He said he read it in one of the Little House books. 
We finally used our digital recorder for school. I had Zazu record his narration of Chapter 14 from Story of the World vol.2 and we also had some laughs with it. If you listen to the audio book of SOTW, you'll get the following videos. 

Alba - 3 yrs old
D WEEK & The Snowy Day

more food...

Happy Homeschooling,

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  1. I'm so happy you linked with Collage Friday. I liked listening to the Handel... thank you so much for that!

    I hope to see you at Collage Friday again!

    1. Thanks for stopping by and you're very welcome for Handel!

  2. Wow! I am exhausted just reading your week. Thanks for sharing at HammockTracks. I love your pictures and reading about your week. Aren't Mondays hard, even if they fall on Wednesday?

  3. When I do journal our weeks, I like to include as much detail as possible in a post - more for my benefit I guess. So it may seem a bit overwhelming for the reader sometimes, sorry.
    Thanks for stopping by and hosting a link up. :)

  4. Oh I want recipes for the peanut butter cookies, and the granola bars please

    1. Will do.
      I'll make a couple posts on here.



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