Saturday, March 30, 2013

Viking Bread

Story of the World Cooking Project

I didn't really supervise their activity. I only came in to the kitchen to snap photos and save them from a sticky mess. 
I let them know they should have floured their hands and boards before kneading. They had quite a sticky mess on their hands! I'm sure you can picture it because I forgot to grab the camera. 
I formed the bread for them and threw it onto the baking sheet so they wouldn't become frustrated. I helped a little but it was mostly all them. From reading the recipe, finding the ingredients, to mixing and setting the oven and cleaning up. 

Eagle said he could see why the vikings ate this bread because it was very filling.
I agree, it was heavy. With a mild baking soda flavour to it. haha *wink*

They ate their bread with leftover meat sauce from a spaghetti dinner a few nights back.
Talking like vikings throughout lunch was just a given. 
Think of How To Train a Dragon
Funny stuff!

The boys did a great job! I know they're proud of their accomplishments.

With this activity I can check off

  • History
  • Life Skills
  • Character (they argued twice)
  • and Lunch!

The Book

The Activity Book

Happy Home Schooling, 

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