Friday, March 2, 2012

Week 30 Wrap Up - Renoir, Kitchen Reno's & Hemispheres

weekly wrap-up

Our Week consisted of very little of our regular studies. The school kids had Teacher Convention this week but that really didn't influence me. I sensed the time had come to take a slow week for ourselves. Considering on Monday Eagle went snowboarding with our HS group and come Wednesday Daddy would be off work. We skipped our core subjects and geared down for a little catch up on family work. We plunged into Botany and Geography, getting a whole lesson finished, hooray! (a lesson normally takes a month to complete)

Hiding His Word in Our Hearts

Alba drawing on her letter "B is for bear" Tot School activity sheet from 1+1+1=1.

We use A Childs Geography Explore His Earth for geography and enjoy it. Eagle (12) and Zazu (6) each have a notebook and each boy makes entries suitable to their abilities.

Eagle is quite independent with his studies. Here he is diagramming and explaining in his own words how the earth is split into hemispheres. 

As you notice I do write quite a bit in Zazu's notebook. He draws and narrates to me. I help sometimes with remembering ideas, like here you see the drawing of a bear for arktos in greek. I've learned to sit beside him (when I can) and also watch for cues for when he's tiring of writing, then I help him out or just stop and say "OK, I think we're done for now".

Very proud of himself here.

Kitchen Renovations

Months back i had mentioned that we were renovating the kitchen. 
We are not quite finished.

This week Daddy laid tile on the back side of our island.
The kids were in home reno glass tiling class.  

They really enjoyed being able to watch the mixing of the mortar.

This was his first time laying 1 inch glass tile, he did a good job.


More notebooking pages for the boys Exploring Creation With Botany (Young Explorers) notebooks.

Artist Study!
We finally started artist study. Our first artist is Renoir. At the start of our year I bought many art cards from various artists through Dover. This is a highlight for me, because being a non-practicing artist I miss the conversations of peers. I'd never done picture study with my kids prior, but I have no challenge with it because of the many critiques and art history classes from my college days. I knew what questions to ask and what area to hint at to retrieve different answers of how to figure out things you normally wouldn't know unless you had a formal understanding of history and culture of that period.
Week three of Renoir

After looking at each individual art card. This week I took the previous two and plunked them with this weeks card.
It's a good idea to group three together to compare and contrast and to get a better feel of the artist, time period, subject choice, etc.

One thing the boys found out on their own, were the probable reasons why the painting of the white roses looked more realistic than the other two painting with people in them. It was enjoyable for me and I felt right at home. The boys did great, better than some college students I knew back in the day.

We had a relaxed week together. I got up enough gumption and went to the gym for 30 minutes of elliptical fun. It felt so so good to sweat and raise my heart heart. I've missed it greatly. I've been packing it (fat) on this winter, so now is the time to start getting back into some sort of exercise and to slow down on the yummy carbs. Before I know it the cold and snow will have left and I'll be too out of shape for running outside. 

Enjoy your weekend and go for a walk with your little ones.
I hope to make it out there tomorrow.

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Have a God filled weekend,


  1. I'm so glad I stopped by. For the fall I need to figure out a few things...including geography and art. I'll have to look into your resources. Thanks for sharing!

  2. We are enjoying A Child's Geography in our homeschool these days as well. What a great book! Visiting from WWU.

  3. Renovations are always exciting!! We just went a bought a new house today. Gulp!

    I love artist and composer studies. We aren't as consistent as I'd like to be but we do some every year. This year it's been mainly composer study. I don't recall doing one artist study yet. Opps! lol

    Popping in from the WWU



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