Thursday, March 22, 2012

Crazy Couple of Weeks

Sometimes we put ourselves through the ringer.
Life was normal.
School work was getting done and our days were scheduled and flowing nicely.
It happened.
It, is, we saw a house for sale and then lost all sense of rhythm in our home. We jumped at the chance to buy a house when ours was not even ready for sale. I was busy packing things into boxes and into a storage unit, my husband was scrambling to nail in trim and other such things, and all for a house that we thought would be the ideal.

So for the last two weeks we've run our life around buying and selling.

Turns out this week, after having an inspection done on the property, it's a lemon. Due to structural reasons we have backed out of purchasing two days before closing. We are thankful for not jumping in to buy this place to be inheriting a mess of problems.

As for school, that's been thrown out the window.
Spending time with our children was not a priority either.

Yesterday was the first day of real life.
Today was the first day of back to some sort of routine, if I could even call it that.
I dislike when we do this to ourselves, it seems to happen too much. I'm one to get thrown off course very easily and getting back on the course is very difficult for me to do.
I'm tired; physically, mentally and emotionally from what we put ourselves through the last couple weeks. My husband found it a bit thrilling, a change up from the everyday, I guess.
As for me, I just crave normalcy.
I hope tomorrow begins another day of getting back to our norm.

The good thing is about all this is, the kids experienced packing boxes with mom and the four of us made multiple trips without Dad to the storage unit. The kids had a blast opening doors, opening and closing locks, pushing carts.... And I did too... have fun with them. *smile*

Since all our extra stuff is in storage at the moment, we have no choice but to just do the basics in school and play with toys and games that aren't usually pulled out.

And I had mentioned months back that we had started a kitchen renovation. Seeing how we did have our home on the market for about 24 hours, photos were taken by the realty company. Yeah. Take a good look, cause this might be the only time it's going to ever look this tidy again.... *grin.

And lastly I thought I'd throw in the laundry room, 
which has been done for months but I didn't have a photo of. 

Looking through these photos, helps me see how much I really value my husband. He works hard at his job by day and when at home on off days is busy trying to create what we need. 

And it all looks so pretty and oh so very functional!   

So I guess I can say that the past 2 weeks wasn't crazy, just full of excitement and learning (especially for Mom and Dad).
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  1. We are in the midst of house hunting too...but trying to not get too excited too quickly. Its hard but hopefully being content and taking things slow will pay off.

  2. Wow! I don't know how I missed this...the kitchen is amazing! He did such a great job!



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