Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back to school (winter edition)

It's been nice to stroll in and out of school time over the past couple months. Life is often like that though. Seasons change as does home schooling. Since the renovations started back in October, it's been a bit topsy turvy, well in my mind it has. We're nearing the end of it all soon, I hope.

Yesterday was our first day back after our little Christmas break. Our Monday piano lesson sort of influenced me into getting back to days of structure. We've needed it, or again, I have anyway.

Yesterday was also officially the start of our new term. A few things are changing in terms of curriculum, nothing drastic. Just adding in Life of Fred to Zazu's math. That will now be 3 math books I'm using for him. haha. Yikes, I know. But it's actually alright. I'm picking and choosing out of them. It's healthy, trust me. And because I also like to shop this time of year. We'll be getting a bunch of special new things in the mail in coming weeks. Fun things for school time which the younger ones should enjoy.


To kick off our day. We welcomed some new books into our home. Sort of like a back to school party of sorts. haha. Gosh, I don't know. Just trying to lighten things up a bit around here. Hopefully they enjoy them. Some of the fun math books in the box we've taken out of the library often, so I figured they could become a permanent addition to the bookshelf. Most of the books were really for Eagle to read, although the parcel soon to come in the mail will suit Zazu and Alba more.

Over the Christmas break I was busy printing and laminating some much needed new folder games for Zazu and Alba. Alba is so busy now and needs more big girl things to do throughout our daily learning time. I printed many folder games from file folder fun for the younger two kids, a Curious George tot book from one little, two little. Oddly, the Curious George tot book is for Alba. We recently took a dvd from the library and Alba quite enjoys the "monkey". We'll dip into those this week.

A friend of mine told me she was goal planning for the new year. She added "fun" to her list.
I hope FUN is a part of your back to school as well as ours.

Good night friend,

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