Friday, August 12, 2011

From My Journal, Aug 1 2011

I had so much planned for today, THIS WEEK. We school year round and the last 2-3 weeks we've had a break. Today (Monday) was supposed to be the day to get back into our regular studies, with VBS scheduled for next week. With that said, I've unfortunately been laying in bed for the morning, from nausea and feelings of light-faint throughout my body. Mint tea was brought to me by my eldest son. I'm laying here listening to the sounds of play outside my bedroom widow and reflecting on the morning. 
"Train up a child in the way he should go" 
The oldest son, Eagle, was the one who brought the tea to his mother. He also did what he could with his brother in their studies without my guidence, while Alba shared a short rest with me and also watched a brief movie to pass time.
Lunch was prepared, ALba got dressed (finaly) all by the hands of my caring, sevant-hearted son. Before his exit out the door with his siblings, he made sure the dishes were cleared from the table and came to ask, "Do you need anything before we go out?" That question triggered theses thoughts. That question brought thankfullness to my heart, for my son's servanthood. Also for a God that creates in all of us, special traits that if properly nurtured bears much fruit. 

"train up a child"

God had formed Eagle in my womb. He created him to be a certain man, a man built for his time. I wonder often, am I molding my children the way God intends? That's slighty false wording. 

With my nurturing am I allowing God to work and therefore my children grow to be "on the way they should go". The way they were formed in my womb. I'm thankful for such a gracious God. Through this mild set back to our scheduled day, my Father has taught me something. Through this, I've been shown again what kind of man Eagle will be, because in his actions today - he has bared wonderful fruit. It's these moments that we see God's character revealed. His hand reaching into the everyday. We need to drop our agenda sometimes, focus intently on that moment and grab hold to God. I'm writing this moment down, because I tend to put my eyes on the thing, be thankful, but not much heart change goes on, because I forget. Same with scripture or whatever God's trying to get through to me, if I write it out it just sticks better. 

What am I going to take away from this? I now understand what God means in the verse "Train up a child in the way he should go". My husband and I are to fall under Christ to raise our children to be who God the maker of all things formed in my womb to be. 

I tend to be my worst enemy. Too hard on myself in terms of parenting. I believe now that we are not getting in the way of that, not entirely. Yes we fail, but God is not affected in the least by out mortalness. His grace is enough. 

So, I encourage you to soak that moment up, be ever thankful that the God of heaven and earth love's you and your family deeply and He doesn't stand idle while watching your family fall apart. I call you to let God be God. 

"be still and know that He is God" 
He is who he says he is. 
Hear God's prompting and obey, in all things. 

Good Day Friends, 


  1. Beautiful post about such a sweet boy! Gal.12:9 God can use us if we let Him.... you are a great mother



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