Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 weeks of Tot School with Alba


We school year round, as of last fall and we've had a 3 week break to have a bit of FAMILY FUN and REST. Our first outing was a week long camping trip a few hours away, thanks to my parents for the use of their camper. It was a great time for the kids. Around our camp site there were many berry bushes. Alba and I picked wild raspberries and strawberries together. The berries were just the right size for my little girl to pick and eat. We went for walks and she extensively explored our little treed area around our site. She got a bit dirty, and I was totally fine with it. That statement is a big deal for me, if you know me.

Daddy was playing catch with Eagle and Alba grabbed Zazu's glove to play also. It was so cute to see her eager to play with the guys. The mitt was on the wrong hand and also backwards, just look below. It was funny!

We had a couple damp chilly days. 
I was thankful for books, card games and PLAY-DOH!

Alba repeats most words well.
Ask her to count on her own she says, "1..2..3..4....6"!

Eating dinner was sometimes a challenge, Alba was getting down often from her seat. Normally she sits in a booster chair. She had a good time eating at the picnic table. Mommy eventually chilled out. 

As I write these Tot School posts, I often recall the times I've fussed over mess. Seeing ideas from other moms and the thought crosses my mind, "that would be fun, but it looks messy".
I'm learning along with my kids to let go and have fun. 


Bible reading at bed time

It was so special for me to watch Daddy read to the children while camping. There's just something about nature that makes scripture come alive even more

One of many of God's creatures we found

Zazu and Alba followed the black and white butterfly to these bushes. What a great moment. There were no distractions to steal their attention away from the butterfly. 




Group Shot

Last week we spent a few days on our studies, mostly just trying to get back into a schedule. So we had one official day of Tot Time, Alba and I. These are the only action shots I got that day. 

The rice bin hasn't been taken out for a very long time. 

This is why - "that would be fun, but it looks messy". 

I took it out for Alba and it was amazing.

I think Zazu was a little upset to not have a turn when he wanted.
I had to explain to him that it was Mommy and Alba time. He understood for about 10 minutes, then joined in on the fun.

Here I showed her to fill the teapot with rice and pour it into the tea cup.

I normally use a smaller bin for the rice play. I decided to give her an unused under bed storage bin to play in this time. I didn't add more rice, but just let her have more room to play. It was a good decision on my part I think. It also eliminated the rice all over the floor factor. Worked for me!

Funny shot from last week


She was adamant on going outside, with Zazu's bike helmet and rain boots. 
It didn't matter if she only had a diaper on.

...almost forgot 
check out 1+1+1=1 for other ideas for time with your TOT

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  1. It sure looks like camping was fun, and Alba sure is growing up!!!



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