Friday, October 15, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up #1: FALL TIME and The Mayor

For starters.

This is my first time linking up with weekly wrap-up.
I've got a little stage fright, but here we go!

Three big outings in a week for us, that's huge.

Last Friday we started it off with a full 5 hour trip to our new rec center with our HS group, where swimming and water sliding was the thrill of the day.

At the beginning of our school week the boys finished off our camping journals from when we went camping in September. The journals were bound with the stick and elastic technique - very technical. KIDDING. So easy and looks super when finished!

Here's the video for the how to.

Since we are Canadian, eh!
Thanksgiving was on Monday.

My little Zazu made a wreath with dried crunchy bits of leaves. It's pitiful, but oh, so cute.
Can you see? He's thankful for cars and lego.
He later asked me what a wreath was. Silly me, I had a hard time answering the question.
A lot of this "uh, well, it's a, well" came out of my mouth. "It's just a circle thing with leaves on it." Oh superb answer mom! That was a college graduate answer, for sure. hee hee.
He was satisfied.

Our second field trip (sorry I always forget my camera) was to the woods. The kind Forestry people took our homeschool group on a guided trail walk. For someone who gabbed a lot, I learned a lot. I have socialization issues. Really I do. I was NOT a good example of being considerate and to only listen to the friendly forestry guide, ask questions and not be a disruption. I was not homeschooled, OK. That's my excuse for my behavior. Kidding, I'm sure I wasn't that bad.
Here's what Eagle got out of the trail walk. I'm so glad my husband was home on this day, because he was able to get this out of him. I wish I had this affect on him. Although I'm not DAD, am I. When I ask for assignments like this one, they are most often half done and done with a poor attitude. Why is that?

We had our fall meeting with our fascilitator this week also, wow what a big week. That was one of my concerns with Eagle. Just doing the bare minimum. My facilitator's answer was "He's a boy". Really is that all? He's a boy. I know that, I want to know what we can do to work around the fact that HE's a BOY.

Here's a sample of what Zazu brought home in his pocket from the trail walk.
  • Moss
  • Labrador Tea - Yup. It's a place and you can drink it.

I'm working on explaining the season of fall to Zazu.
I thought some books and a craft would help illustrate.

I got the idea for this fall craft from 1+1+1=1.

This smile was SO contrived.
Poor guy didn't want to do the craft but, I MADE HIM.
ha ha *evil cackle* He eventually liked it.

Zazu at his young age, still enjoys cutting, gluing and painting. I'm so glad. Cause I've got a while to wait before Alba is ready for serious crafting like this.

Our third outing of the week was to see The Mayor.
It's election time in our city. We visited the mayor today. It was great. As per the norm, I forgot my camera, so no pictures again. We met her (the mayor) in a large meeting room. While the mayor answered questions, Alba was trying to phone somebody with the phone that happened to be on the floor, I know, funny spot. Zazu told me many times that he was hungry and bored. And Eagle, Eagle was the one to make our family look good. haha. He asked many questions and seemed genuinely interested in what was going on. YEAH!
Our Mayor is great with kids. We discussed the election, what the mayor did on a regular day at work and a bit about who she is and where she came from. The kids all agreed (I think) that they would want to vote for her on Monday, if they could vote. She encouraged them to seek public civic roles, like Counsel and Mayor. One of the moms brought cookies, as a thank you, that read "VOTE BLAKE". Awesome, don't you think?

It was a full week. Really full.
We didn't do much book work and that's totally alright.
So much was seen and experienced that couldn't be done from a book or worksheet.
I'm so glad for my HS group.

*HIGH 5* for Monopoly

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