Thursday, October 14, 2010


I shake for breakfast almost every morning. That's my breakfast. Shake. I'm fine till lunch, on shake. My shakes are more than your typical fruit smoothie though. I usually put in some fruit like a banana, apple and frozen berries, oil (coconut or flax), hemp, filtered water and VEGA. By drinking my breakfast I'm also automatically consuming my water for the morning. It's great!

What's VEGA?

Vega is a plant - based whole food powder. It's got what my body needs.

Check it out.
Use the link and read for yourself.
Try it and you'll feel the difference.

I also want to say that I love our Vita Mix.

My husband talked me into buying this new blender months back. I'm so grateful for his research and persistence. We try to stay on track in terms of our diet. We were using our juicer sparatically. Juicing was sort of a pain for me because it made more dishes. I know, complaining about dishes. I juiced carrots and apples for juice, great, but if I wanted to add sprouts or something else that was light weight like hemp then I'd have to use the blender. So there now would be two bulky items to clean. That was one reason, a big one I guess because I'm talking about it, hey.

We bought the vita mix mostly for drinks. I occasionally use it for cooking. The blender gets used probably every day.

Why I like the vita mix?
  • power
  • versatility
  • ease to clean
*BTW* I was never paid or given anything to say any of this. We just like the products and want to share the love.

All that being said; education is key. The best decision is an educated one.

We used to go into things blindly. After some many kicks in our backside, we now research. My husband and I have grown to have good communication in our marriage, which makes decisions somewhat easier than before. We don't make decisions without the other or at least have the other in mind, of course within reason.
For example the vita mix, or you may call it the Beast as a nickname if you wish, was a pricey item for us to purchase. That was a "together" decision. If the blender was a together decision, so then our eating habits would also be a "together" decision. For example, it's very difficult for one spouse to be eating a low sugar diet when the other consumes whatever they like, we've been there.

Will you decide to shake?
You don't need to buy the fancy blender.

Making the decision to eat healthier is important. Instead of having a coffee in the morning like most people, try a shake or even just an apple if you're on the run.
The benefits of starting your day off right greatly outweigh the coffee or the fast and easy bagel in the morning. Nudge your spouse and even your children to make this choice with you. Seriously speaking here, Pop Tarts are NOT food for your child's little body.
... moving on.

As you can see my 15 month old daughter loves shake too.

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  1. Yep we are loving it! I got my husband on them and the kids love them too. This eating healthy whole foods is a lifestyle change for me, but for my kids I want it to be there lifestyle, their automatic reaction with food.



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