Wednesday, February 10, 2010

2 Weeks with Zazu

I'm lumping everything from the last 2 weeks into one post.
Zazu did so much the first week of this 2 week post that I don't even remember some of things we did. What I didn't photograph was written down for lack of memory power in my brain.

Just this past week Eagle and Zazu have both been down with the stomach flu. So not too much sit down activity time has been done with my pre k guy.

Here's the list of things that he did:
  • played Connect Four
  • impromptu drawing for little friends, practiced writing their names
  • played piano
  • played lots of Wii
  • helped make rice krispie squares for Valentines party this coming Friday
  • listened to Winnie the Pooh and Wind in the Willows on CD
  • read (looks at the pictures) lots of books
  • watched Laurie Berkner Band, loves "we are the dinosaurs" song
  • bead sorting
  • learned the song Hickory Dickory Dock (idea from Jolanthe)

He told me this was a "ball blower".

He really enjoys this opposite flip book.

Built stuff with these math manipulatives. He didn't enjoy this very much. I think he was a bit frustrated (it's not like Lego, ya know).

I was quite proud of my tower.


He almost did the whole box of cards.

I think running and boxing are his favorites on the Wii fit.

Outside play with Daddy.

Child Training
Just the other day I finished a colour coded daily schedule. I finally realized I can't ALWAYS wing it. On the schedule Zazu has his own colour and expectations. Bed making and helping put clean dishes away are the new additions to his chores. I've been asking God to help me with the area of child training. Lately God has been pulling me toward setting goals for our family. I have a space on our white board for goals for the week now for each boy. Zazu's is empty at the moment, but at least the idea is there. Being deliberate is my first step.

Goofy faced 4 year old.



  1. We have found setting goals is a definite must in our home. That and letting the girls know what is expected of them. A step at a time!

  2. Looks like you had a great couple of weeks. Love the last picture!

  3. Looks like you had fun. I LOVE the last picture in your post. The sequence cards look really nice, where did you get them?



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