Thursday, January 28, 2010


I was humming and hawing for a while about sleeping arrangements. We have 3 bedrooms and 3 children. Daddy insists that the boys do not share. I'm ok with that for now. The play pen/bassinet is still set up beside our bed and most nights, ok, every night we have a little baby girl that ends up with us. Like I said, I hummed over it, but now I realize that our little girl is most likely our last little one. So, I now love to snuggle and listen to the little baby breathing sounds at night.

ALBA is currently munching on Mama still (breast feeding). :) And is now enjoying some harvests from the earth.
:) = means her favorites
  • rice cereal
  • squash
  • apple :)
  • avocado (she makes a funny face)
  • rice biscuits :)

I love how silly you are with your brothers now. They taught you to pull their hair and grab their faces. Not very smart on their part, but hey, you guys have fun. Those boys will learn.

My little girl pulled herself up in her crib last week. I was quite surprised. What a commotion was raised, the boys were so excited to see this.
Crawling is coming soon I'm sure. That little baby booty scoots on the floor and when Alba is on my bed she can easily crawl backwards and maneuver around on my lap. That strong baby girly of ours.
The Bumbo isn't cutting it now, for keeping her contained. I had her seated in it and then next thing I saw her trying to worm her way out the side of it. She's graduating to the Fisher Price chair and hopefully soon to a high chair because of our lack of seating at dinner when Daddy is home (we only have a 4 person table).

The eczema is not as bad as it was. I still need to put cream on daily, especially the bum and neck areas. I recently bought a couple Hazel/Amber necklaces from HAZELAID for myself and Alba to wear. Hopefully they help. They sure are cute to wear.

I love dressing her up in bows and girly things. I had wondered if I should pierce those yummy little ears or not, because now would be a good time. Or if I should just let her decide for herself one day. My mom pierced my ears when I was a baby, that's some food for thought.
Mama is learning to savour moments instead of letting them slip away without any thought.

I love You!


  1. Oh she is just precious, I can't believe she is pulling up, Ladybug barely moves!!!!



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