Friday, January 29, 2010

Thank you Lord for the seasons.

Snowflake Bentley (Caldecott Medal Book)

I was in a hurry one night (without kids) trying to pick up some books from the library. I grabbed Snowflake Bentley from the read along section, not thinking that we would even incorporate it into our schooling. We sat down one afternoon to listen to it and my 4 & 10 year old boys both listened intently and took time to analyze all the photos in the book. After listening to the story and talking about the book, we decided to make snowflakes.

Just before we begin viewing our snowflakes may I say that, Mr. Bentley was such a patient and determined man. He took time to seek the wonders of creation, when everyone else thought it was all foolishness, he relished in it. And out came a new chapter of science. If you haven't read the book with your kiddos, please do.

And off we went.

I found how to make a 6 point paper snowflake here.

Zazu had so much fun that he's still asking to make more.

I stuck them all to the wall with a part of this poem for us to read and ponder God's intricate beauty of creation.

Thank you Snowflake Bentley for your persistence
Thank you God for your glory.

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