Saturday, January 16, 2010


I recently ordered from CURRCLICK. The January Remember Me Pockets was one of the items I purchased. I've downloaded tons of free stuff from CURRCLICK, but I was always chicken to actually pay for anything. I finally sucked it up and payed for something.

We've been using a more Eclectic method in our home educating journey. These pockets are great because it has a time line laid out for you for the month to follow. I sort of wish all the things we did had this, but that's another post.


My son is really enjoying the pockets. All the facts are great. There is just enough information on the people in the pockets that my son finds interest in. It also doesn't require very much of him, like writing for example. My son is 10, he's an avid reader. Anything that we are working on, I try to include books to correspond with the topic of study. The pockets include authors for the month with a list of books they've written. That was right up our alley. I took out of our library all that I could for a couple of the authors focused on for the next couple weeks. One author in particular, Michael Bond who wrote the Paddington Bear series, is one of the authors. We have read some Paddington Bear books but never really bothered to find more that he'd written, until now. The Complete Adventures of Olga da Polga was one of listed books in the author pocket. It's thick. 500ish pages thick. We checked it out of the library last week and my boy finished it today. whoo. I complain about my bible being thick. kidding.

Since having a new baby in the house, I've had trouble getting into the hands on activities with learning. On January 8 it was National English Toffee Day.
What did we do on that day?



We had fun. It looked good. It tasted, well... ok. Really on the sugary side. We don't really eat much for treats with tons of white sugar in it. So it wasn't really for us. Fun cooking project though. I think I'll be purchasing Remember Pockets for February.

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  1. That looks absolutely delicious!
    I wanted to check in and see how your Bible in 90 Days reading is going. Unless I'm mistaken I haven't heard from you lately so I thought I'd just check.
    Your kids are ADORABLE, by the way.. but you probably already knew that. :)
    Pls swing by and let me know how it is coming. :)



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