Sunday, April 12, 2009


There's just something about those quiet moments of a father and son that are just so darn special. I caught two of my boys having a nap and HAD to capture the moment. I can't really take pictures of my oldest anymore in these cute moments with Daddy. Boys seem to get to a certain age and cuddling moments like this with Dad just seem to end, sad, but that's all a part of growing up I guess. 

So, for now I'm just going to enjoy these times while they last. 
I pray that God with burn these kind of moments into my brain so that I won't forget them.

We watched our friends dog for a week. Mr. Tot was on puppy loving duty, always wanting to take pictures of her and hugging and talking sweetly to her. 

Compared to our other son, which was on poopy duty. Our oldest had been almost begging us for a dog for a while now and fortunately we were able to teach our oldest some lessons in caring for a dog by watching Sandy. Now that our oldest has had a whole week of poopy duty, I think he's now realized that a dog, especially a large breed is much more work than say a fish. 

I love those kind of teaching moments. 
Don't you?

Mummy Math is a neat math book for home schooling. In our house reading is an everyday thing. My oldest can be caught daily, reading to our other son. I love it!

This picture was taken about a minute later. 
I think Mr. Tot is growing, because he's been Mr. Grouch and Mr. Sleepy all week. He's not a napper anymore, so when he falls asleep many times throughout the week sitting up like this, than we assume he's sick or having a growing spurt.

Digging in the muddy driveway.

Getting tips on car washing from Daddy. 
My husband was just thrilled to be able to finally pull out his toy this spring. 

1+1+1=1 hosts Tot School. Check it out for what other tots do weekly.



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