Sunday, April 5, 2009

New Learning Happening

Wipe/erase Thomas book
Mr. Tot loves wipe/erase books.

I can't remember which blogging mama posted this idea. I thought I'd try it because it looked fun and really looked like water colour paints. 
Ice cubes with a touch of food colouring is all it is. 
I made all the primary, secondary colours and brown. I put the full trays in the freezer without the sticks, just until there was some freezing that occurred, then I popped the sticks in. It was much better this way because the sticks wouldn't have stuck in properly to make a handle if I hadn't waited. 
He's painted with these coloured cubes twice now. 
Big brother asks me when it's his turn. I'll have to let him try it this week.


Hammer Away!

I went to the second hand store last week and picked up a bunch of books, a couple toys, and a few baby items.
 This is one of our finds. 
The sticker says $1.50, but we went on a day that was 50% off, so the Etch A Sketch was ONLY $0.75. 
The best thing is, he learned how to use this all on his own and I might add, made square/rectangle shapes too.

I don't have a picture because I keep forgetting to take one of this activity.
I found a pair of plastic tongs and set up a tray with cups, lacing beads and the tongs.
He was excited to play with these items and organized by shape and colour.

Funny thing is.
I snoop around on other mama's blogs and sometimes I get caught by ideas and sometimes I think how can a little one find this certain idea entertaining. 

Time and time again I'm proven wrong.
The tongs and bead idea was one of those times.
I gave it to my little guy a couple times, and since then he's come to me asking to take out the supplies for the activity.

It reminds me of my mom telling me stories of how my brother could be amused for hours with string and coins. I think sometimes we try to complicate play with fancy toys when it's in the simple objects that children can enjoy and learn the most from.

I'm Amazed.

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  1. thanks for the painting idea and congrats on spelling cat! We love the word whammer in this house.

  2. What you said about the simple things is soooo true! I will try the food coloring ice painting (whatever it's called) in the future!! Great deal on the Etch A Sketch. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I completely agree with you about the simple toys! My little boy likes transferring objects from one bowl to another more than anything else (except books, actually), and he'll do it for a really long time!
    Thanks for the great post. I love the water color ice cubes! I've never seen that before.

  4. Looks like a fun week...I love the water color painting we will have to give that one a try..thanks for sharing

  5. I agree with you on wondering how little ones can possibly find certain activities entertaining. I never would have bothered trying most of what we do with our son on my own. I'm glad I have. Now I'm not so quick to judge although I do raise an eyebrow from time to time. :)



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