Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rain Forest Lapbook

Over the month of February my 9 year old studied the rain forest. He hadn't done a lapbook in a very long time. It was a long enough break to give him so that he was excited again to work in this format. You see, he sometimes has trouble with working this way, it stresses him out a little. Especially if he's been working on the topic too long. It seems he feels like there's not enough structure in lapbooking, or maybe I just give him too much freedom in the topic then he panics on what to focus on.

I tried to nail down the specifics of this topic with worksheets, colouring pages and diagrams.
I found great printables at 

I asked him to choose what plant, mammal, bird and so on, to focus on. He sometimes had a difficult time with sticking to a creature to complete the research for it.

What we used for books:

(we really like this book, it's used and came from ebay shipped with a microscope I bought
what a blessing! 

I think he did a great job!

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