Monday, February 2, 2009


I've been struggling with doing Bible study with my oldest in our home school. I didn't purchase a Bible curriculum because I thought there was enough Bible in conjunction with our Story of The World, Progeny Press book study, church and so on. 

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but unfortunately he didn't seem to be noticeably growing from it because when I asked him questions about what he was working on, he would reply with shallow answers and a look of confusion on his face. I'll just say he didn't quite enjoy it. So, I ditched it, I'll consider giving it to him another year. 

The great news about all of this is that; from that experience I told him just to read his Bible like he would a book. From that, I've gotten him to answer a few questions about what he's read, write out some memory verses, and draw some pictures to illustrate what he's reading about in God's word. - Good for portfolio.


I guess the dead giveaway is when he says to me,
 "MOM guess what I just read about!"
 "Mom what tribe do you think we came from?"- that was just a few days ago. 

Where am I today?

I've realized that Bible is not a subject to be taught and tested on, well it could be, but that's not my point. Our relationship with Christ and what we learn and how we grow from God's word is more valuable than trying to make God's word into a subject.

I spoke to a friend recently about this topic and about my so-called struggle. One thing she wished she had more of was conversation with her parents about God stuff, her reply to my question was then, 
"why don't you make the Bible relative to him, SIT DOWN AND TALK TOGETHER" 
What? Talk about God!

I'm a leader in kid's church, you'd think I'd be a PERFECT leader at home with my kids.

My husband nor myself grew up in a Christian home, so simple things for some are not so simple to us. Now I just need to sit down with my kids and do it. I didn't need a curriculum or book to tell me that, did I? 

Pray and it shall be given. 

The conversation with my friend was the answer to prayer. 

The funny thing is is that before home schooling we used to pray with the kids at bed time. I can't remember the last time we've prayed with our kids, besides meal time. If something happened at school we would definitely pray over the situation or I would just ask our son if there was something or someone he wanted to pray for that day. 
Prayer is another simple thing that we've been neglecting in our home. With all the time I now spend with my children I seem to easily look over the more important things I thought we were missing out on before home schooling. 

Wow. I am really silly. Someone tell me that I'm not alone on this one, so I won't feel like such a failure.

Oh gosh, I better stop now or this post with just end up being a bashing mommy party.

We're going to be sitting down to dinner so maybe this would be a good time to practice some of what God has taught me, 

ready, set, GO!

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