Sunday, September 7, 2008

Tot School

Tot Art 
I think his favorite part was using sparkles. 

Mr. Tot got to use a new roller on this day.

What a joy it is to see a proud little boy beside his painting.

This is a pull-out poster in a leap Frog shape book. He seems to enjoy this poster more than the book. I think the book is more fun because of all the flaps and pop-outs, but hey, what do I know, I'm not the toddler.

Here he is working on a colour snake (the head). We'll put it together another day.

The toddler staple toy in our house is play dough, he plays with it most of the week and it might be for 5 minutes or for 30 minutes. I keep it in his reach in the living room so he can access it whenever he likes. He's good at cleaning it up when finished, with a little reminder from Mom.

I printed out free pre writing sheets and this day was the first day it actually interested him enough to draw on it. You see, he asks to do his school work too, so I thought this could work. Mr. Tot worked at this for about 5 minutes, I was impressed with his attention span. 

The final shot of the week was outdoor tot school. No joke. He wanted to stand out in the rain at 9:00 am and it wasn't very warm out, maybe +10c. While we were doing school inside he stood outside to enjoy God's little shower. 

God is awesome, isn't he?

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See you soon!


  1. Aww! I love the pic of him standing in the rain. How fun to enjoy God's creation!

  2. How fun to play in the rain!! I need to get rain coats for my kids so we can do that. I have been thinking about getting rain boots so we can stomp some mud puddles too :-)

  3. Looks like things are going well with homeschooling. Give me a call sometime.



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