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What We've Been Up To - Weeks 4 - 8

(with videos)

So I'm sitting here this afternoon happily alone (bliss) with the exception of the dogs and with one of these in hand

   singing away to this... 

and typing and uploading an update of what we've been up to over here.

Baking with Alba

Making PINK Playdough with Mommy

Eagle doesn't get stuck with a new math concept very often. Eagle had to balance equations in Life of Fred - Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology. And well, I'm no help.

We were sent a Flat Stanley project in the mail and this is the photo we inserted.
In the photo Eagle is holding a bow he made from some willow from the river near our house. The boys chose to talk about that event for the project.

The Zoo

We took an afternoon trip with the two younger kids to the zoo. Here they are looking at the otters (Daddy's favourite zoo creature). 

Valentines Day

We don't usually do anything extra during school time for holidays. If I would even consider Valentines an actual holiday. It's extra effort on my part and in the past with the boys, it's never really been an issue not to do anything. Sometimes Eagle would prefer not to in all honesty. We recognized St. Patrick day with home schooling friends of ours a few years back, which was good, but that's about all. 

This year for Valentines Day, we made fruit loop necklaces only because we were invited to a little V-Day party hosted by another HS family. It was great to get out of the house to a "pink and red" themed get together. On the fly, we brought a jube jube guessing game (fun) and our couple dozen fruit loop necklaces. It was sweet how my kids went around and placed a necklace on each child at the party. 

Planting Touch Plant seeds.

Last Valentines Day (2012) our church had given a small packet of seeds and a special note for each family.
I'm hoping they sprout for Alba's sake.

Handicrafts Project

I'm framing this photo in my mind because Eagle without my coaxing worked on and completed a project on his very own with his new swiss army knife out of The American Boy's Handy Book: What to Do and How to Do It, Centennial Edition
(Our copy is not the centennial addition linked)

I bought this book when we first started home educating after reading into Miss Charlotte Mason's idea of handiworks and life skills, and Eagle finally picked it up and started something. 
Eagle made his own sling shot.

Water Tea Party

The Snowy Day

A little while ago I mentioned printing a bunch literature studies and lap books from the web.
Zazu is joining in with Alba's fun with The Snowy Day here.

If you don't own the book or time for the library check out this You Tube reading of the book
At Alba's request we've read the book and watched the video reading many times. Let's say she has it memorized quite well.

Q-Tip painting her snowflakes

Zazu reading Henry and Mudge (his first chapter book)!!

Sorting colour and size with Alba. She enjoyed the flower cards.

Letter Fun

Alba and I are going through the ABC's together. We started talking about the alphabet together exactly a year ago when she was two years old. Now at three I find it's not just repeating what I say out of mimicking but she can actually understand now that letters are associated to people, places and things. I'm trying to make a real effort at this with her at this. 

I made verse strips (idea from 1+1+1=1) using the A-Z Memory Verses from Confessions of a Homeschooler. Alba loves going to the A-Z printout and asking if we can work on her memory verses!

Letter C & P for pink ...she loves pink!

I finally decided to make a letter sensory bin. It really adds to the fun of letters.

Sensory Bin Play with Alba & Zazu 

We pressed the number 3 cookie from Counting Cookies into her pink play dough.
(photo credit to Alba)

Sorting yellow "C" things from the sensory bin.

I used to stress about finding items by theme and having a place to put anything. Now that we've moved up in square footage, it's much easier to store and create fun bags and bins for Alba. I'm having fun with it and well, ...I'm sure she is too.

Zazu shovelling snow off the front porch.

We were going to start Exploring Creation with Anatomy, but Eagle suggested that we just finish Botany and then start a new topic. I agreed, and off to our Botany book we went. I'm glad we did because we found pictures on the internet of a really amazing plant. The Banyan Tree in Maui. Amazing!!

I walked in to the school room to an impromptu lesson in multiplying fractions with Eagle. I had to take a photo to remember this cute little moment. Zazu, if you know, is only seven and is currently working on the clock and odd and even numbers, so I think multiplying fractions was a little over his head. But it was a cool moment of Eagle teaching what he knew to Zazu. Wonderful moment!

For a little laughter. Eagle thought it would be a grand idea to put some masks on the poor dogs. And of course I included photos on here. 



On a more serious note. I'm becoming more thankful that God moved us here; out of the city and deeper into His creation. We've all, not just the kids, had many wonderful experiences in the last three months. Which I really couldn't anticipate. Like building a slingshot, chopping wood, building a bow (with a neighbour Dad), walking along the river, sliding down river banks, counting blue jays, watching deer, learning how to care for dogs, Eagle working for our friends landscaping company... etc.

I'm sorry for doubting what you have in store for this family.
Help us to be ever thankful for how you have extremely blessed this household.
Thank you Lord

Printables used in this post
ABC's (1+1+1=1's Animal ABC's, Puppets)

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  1. So great is our God and His plans for our life!!! I want to get that book The American Boys Handy book for E. I think he would really like making those things. And he is really into readying right now. And learning new things from reading

    1. Isn't HE so cool!

      I would hold back on the book for a few years. And also, it's an old book, which means there are projects and information that only an older boy could manage or understand. When I bought it Eagle was 9 I think and he just flipped through at the pictures and put it back on the shelf till now. Although if Dad made a project with E, then I could see the book being worth the purchase right now.

      Thanks Amanda for the comment. :)

  2. I found your blog through The Homeschool Mother's Journal. What a fun packed few weeks. It looks like a lot of fun!
    I nominated you for a homeschooling blog award.

    1. Hi Monique
      (same name as me!)

      So glad you popped by.
      And thank you for the recognition.
      Bless you
      and enjoy the rest of your HS week!



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