Sunday, August 28, 2011

2 weeks of Totschool with Alba - "HAPPY FACE, this one"

Tot School

25 - 26 months

This girl of ours is crazy for Happy Faces. Whenever she's drawing in her little yellow school time book she continually asks for someone to draw her a happy face until the entire page is smothered with happiness. "Happy face, this one", means Alba wants you to make a happy face. Daddy can get right into it, drawing an elaborate little face. Me, I choose the more simplistic sort, ya know the kind with the 3 dots and a curve. I think she may enjoy Dad's drawings more. I'm totally fine with it.

week one in pictures

Something new Alba started drawing on Monday were flowers, purple ones. They really just look like circles at this point.

She's too much!
Do you notice the bike helmet is backwards?

"did it"

She's getting to be a pro at lacing beads with pipe cleaners (chenille sticks).
I bent the bottom to prevent the beads from sliding off the bottom. 
Funny how I never thought of that before. *ha*

First time using scissors folks.
Alba really enjoyed cutting the paper strips.

week two in pictures

at the Wild Berry Festival in my parents town

No event can start without a pancake breakfast and a big gulp of orange juice.

Lollipop for a cute little girl.  

Only in a small town can children do crafts in a liquor store (ha ha), (If you live in my neck of the woods you get the funny) no seriously though, it was really kind of the main street business' to host activities for the kiddies at this event.

Alba coloured a wild strawberry.

Wagon ride with Grandma down Main Street.


Alba's Tools

This was a Totschool post.
Tot School

Toodle-Doo Friends, Mo

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