Friday, July 22, 2011

It Finally Happened

 When we first started home educating I had read online about lapbooking/noteboking.  I thought it was such a wonderful thing to include into our studies. Eagle at the time aged 8 who didn't and who still doesn't really enjoy writing grabbed onto it because it was easier than formal writing. This is all fine, no complaints here. I do realize that kids are never the same, every child has their favorite colour or favourite sport and so on. Boys, I've heard would rather not write, creative with playing lego or army men sure, but to actually put it to paper, that's entirely different.
I've read numerous times about the nature of lapbooking and how if left out, children seem to go back to them, almost like a personal book of sorts. Where they journal facts and paste or draw pictures and diagrams and may even write a poem or short story to include in their lapbooks. Many times children have gone back into their lapbook to include one of these extra items on their own time or at the request of their mother. It extends the learning and creates a joy that cannot be experienced through answering multiple choice questions in an activity book.
For Grammar, Eagle has been working on Editor in Chief for a couple years now. We just recently finished up a lapbook on Earthworms.   

Like I said in the opening, IT FINALLY HAPPENED. Eagle was carrying on as usual with his studies. He requested that I allow him to type out his editor in chief exercise, which he normally hand writes. So, get this, he could include it into his earthworm lapbook, which had been completed over 2 weeks prior.

My husband has had numerous talks with our 11 year lately concerning motivation, goal setting, time management and other traits that are valuable in a man. This isn't just an educational achievement it's a celebration in character training.

What an event. What a celebration. I inwardly jumped up and down in praise for him. But on the outside, I calmly and with much encouragement granted his request. I didn't want to freak him out, but boy was I thrilled. It's happening. Learning is crossing borders. He's acknowledging and pursuing craftsmanship. 

I hope this story encourages you to not get discouraged in home educating your sons or daughters. 

Don't lose hope, God is working.

My son is proof.

Train up the child in the way he should go.

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