Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Warm Fuzzy Stuff

Cause I'm one of those Mom's who let my little one's dig, dig, dig.
Although, she is only aloud to dig in two spots, other wise I'd most likely lose my noggin'.

Totally off topic here, but can you see that banana shaped thing on the floor?
Well it's a banana keeper.

Funny Story I'd like to share about a friend of mine.

I was over at her house one day. In conversation she mentioned about a banana keeper thingy she had, which for some reason I hadn't really seen at the store or paid attention to. Probably one of those things that I just passed by and thought nothing of it. She began to explain how great it was, that you could bring a banana along with you without it getting smooshed. So as she pulled it out of the drawer where it was kept, she noticed that it had some extra weight to it. A look of horror came over her face, the conversation stopped and she immediately realized that it was a really old banana in there.
How long had it been there? Don't know.
Was it growing fuzzy stuff all over? Yes it was.

Fast forward months later. I'm at the dollar store and I see a banana keeper.
Did I think of my friend and laugh out loud? Yes.
Did I buy it? I sure did.

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! I remember the banana story... it makes me laugh when I see the banana keeper too.



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