Friday, October 22, 2010

Pumpkins with Zazu

This was a little fall craft that I worked on with Zazu, that I saw a few weeks back on Carisa's blog in this post. I haven't been feeling much in the mood for fall, seeing as our weather has been extra warm and beautiful. This week began our true fall weather so I whipped up this craft for Zazu and we had some fun.
I followed closely what Carisa did for this and it worked out quite well.

I drew a pumpkin shape on paper and Zazu did the cutting.

I set out a little liquid tempera paint in a paint tray and a marble. The marble actually was found this very morning by Zazu and when it was brought to me I immediately remembered the marble/pumpkin craft that I had seen previously.
I didn't have a box so an old plate that we use for painting worked fine.

After making a few pumpkins with the marble, 
Zazu decided to paint some with a brush

and his finger.

Here's our new fall decor.

ain't it pertty

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