Thursday, October 7, 2010


I bought a Copernicus teacher cart from a homeschooling mom friend of mine. I'm grateful for her willingness to part with it. Buying it new wasn't really an option for me, so used was perfect. We are really making good use of it too. God knew that I desired something like this for our homeschooling and viola here it is. I've had it since we started school this year in August and it's great for our needs. The cart fits between our kitchen table and a chair in the living room.

I bought the 3m sticky hooks to hang our schedule cards up.

My little Zazu totally wrote the children obey your parents thing on the board all on his own. He kept asking me if it looked right and how to spell the words. I'm so glad that little piece of scripture stuck in his head. Kids are great at making us look good, hey? They also have the opposite effect, like while grocery shopping when they should be at home napping.

So just a little bragging there.
That's aloud right.

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