Friday, October 1, 2010

Just Girls Having Some Fun

I'm so glad to have a mitt full of women in my life.

Tonight, I went out with some gals that I know, some better, some not as much. That fact that I don't know them all as well as I could doesn't concern me. The point of the evening was to hang out, talk, eat, have a glass of wine and TALK. That's what we do best, isn't it. We can talk about dirt, kids, buying a house, earrings, sex, you name it we can do it.

Tonight some of the topics ranged from pellet guns and how we don't wish our sons to have one to sex.
Why is that?
Sex seems to always come up with women.

I'm sorry, maybe this post isn't very G rated, cause I just said typed the word sex multiple times.

Ya no what else?

I mustn't get out much or if I do than I'm just always with my kids so I don't talk about THOSE things, much at all.

So besides sex, we women had a good time tonight, I was back by 10:30 and I'm on here typing about it.

I haven't been blogging regularly. I haven't posted anything for over a month. I enjoy writing, but I can only write so much about my kids until I'm tired of writing about them. That's most of my little world at the moment. I love them, but it can make blogging a chore. That probably doesn't make sense to anyone, does it? Alba is also older now and I have noticed that after my babies reach the toddler age then I'm more inclined to do more for me. Blogging is for me.

Tonight I dressed up = make-up, skirt, cute brown boots and a bracelet from a loving friend.
I spent money on me, on my husbands account.
Tonight was refreshing.
It wasn't anyones birthday so that made it extra special. We went out for no reason other than to just get together. That's why it was so special, no occasion, just us, us girls.

It was fun, thank you ladies.

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