Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Community and Duplo

This week was full of 4year old type questions and Duplo.

But first I need to show a couple pictures of our big hike. It has been extremely wonderfully unusually warm in this last bit of winter. We haven't been out too much as a family, so we took the opportunity to go on a walk in the woods behind our home. Zazu did so well. The reason why I say he did well is because he's 4 years old and we walked for well over an hour without having to be carried. I don't know how many km's it was but it was a big hike for a little guy. He had a hard time with sore legs at the end and when we returned home I told him how he was so strong that he made it all that way. Strong like daddy, ya know the pep talk. He really didn't care what I had to say, he was tired and sore. I was even tired and sore. Oh, but he had so much fun. On the trail, the boys slid down some parts like penguins and rolled down. Oh, the benefits of a snow covered trail. Could you see them trying to do that in the summer, ya, not likely.

sissy lovin'

Eagle and Zazu made a huge tower with Duplo blocks.

It was cute to see the pair of them also work together on this.

All I heard was chit chat about the mom, the dad, brothers dogs (family stuff).
Can you see the little red head kid laying in the green tub? cute

So this week I asked a bunch of times if he wanted to do some sit down school, but Duplo was on the brain all week. I'm so happy that the boys still love to play with it.
The play time was mainly focused around family/community life.
Beats pretending about cutting off limbs and heads and shooting one another.
A mom can only take so much of that.

This pretending happened to tie in nicely with what Zazu asked me in the van at the beginning of the week after spotting a garbage truck.

"Mom, where do garbage trucks live?"
"Where do they go to sleep when they're done working?"
I just love preschooler questions.

When we arrived home I pulled up you tube and tried to find a decent video about garbage trucks. Let's just say that I had a hard time finding a video that showed the trucks sleeping, except for maybe if it were Bob the Builder or Thomas the Train. You see, they go to sleep in or near a shed every night.
We watched garbage trucks in action, the boys were thrilled because we have the guys dump house hold waste into the truck. We've never seen the kind that are automated with the arm thing (sorry, don't know what it's called).

Then we found where the real fun was.
We saw some cool videos on recycling.

Favorite Book of the Week

Here's what was primarily used this week.
The books are from our local library.

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