Friday, October 30, 2009

WALKING WITH GOD (home school edition)

Well I must say that I've had a horrible time spending even a moment with my children reading, discussing and praying about what God will have for us. This morning was a wonderful step to some sort of goal line. 
Lately in our house, discipline has been on the fore front of this Mama's mind. God what should we do, God What do I do about this 9 year old boy that you've given to us? 
The out right self reliance and poor behavior (whining, arguing, lying, disrespect) with myself and mostly my husband. This behavior affects our family life and our home schooling greatly. There was a day when our oldest had a Godly fear of my husband. He's been challenging my husbands authority. He's been arguing and basically just yanking on the anchor. My young man needs his fathers guidance now. 
Me, where do I fit in to all of this?
How do I, in a regular day fit in studying the word and trying to address this anchor pulling behavior that he's been exhibiting.

I pray to my God to guide us as parents to how and what we need to do to rear these children into God honoring men and women.
I had a short conversation with my friend last night on the phone about this topic. She's easy to talk with and is in a similar plight, having a 10 year old son that from her description, can be or is a strong personality. After the phone call, my husband and I discussed our son and came to no real conclusions (as per the norm).

God has answered, and not in the way I expected (which is normal). Before bed I glanced over at our book shelf which holds a small varied collection of Christian based books and so I decided to grab Joyce Meyer's, Knowing God More Intimately. I shuffled through the pages which are marked up with pencil from a previous read through the first chapter. I paused and decided to start re-reading the book (have yet to finish, as per the norm).

This morning while my boy was doing his studies, I sat beside him with the book in hand and proceeded to read (silently) where I had left off last night. To my glorious surprise God was using this book to guide my walk and my children's walk with Christ. 

--------ding -----ding ------ding
(That's the light bulb sound in my brain.)

Here is the portion that I read that made the ding, ding, ding:

If I needed dialysis due to kidney disease and had to be at the hospital twice a week for treatment at 8:00 am, I certainly would not accept an invitation to do anything else, no matter how appealing it might seem. I would know that my life depended upon keeping my appointment. That is the way we should view our time with God. The quality of our life is greatly affected by the time we spend with God, and it should have a place of priority in our schedule.
Perhaps because God is ever available we think we can spend time with Him later, so we choose to respond to what seems urgent, instead of giving God a place of priority in our lives. But if we spent more priority time with God, we wouldn't have so many emergencies that rob us of our time. We are to redeem time through prayer.
When you sit in the presence of God, even if you don't feel like you are learning anything new, you are still sowing good seed into your life that will produce a good harvest.... Don't spend your time chasing blessings. Chase God, and the blessings will chase you. 
When you spend time with God, everybody else knows it. You become calmer, you're easier to get along with, and you don't lose control of your emotions as quickly. Your patience increases, and your heart soon understands what God likes and what offends Him. As with any friend, the more time you spend with God, the more like Him you become.

I've heard it many times before. Seek first the kingdom of God... Seek, ask and knock... Be still and know that I am God... Matthew 4:4, Man does not live on bread alone.

Hear you loud and clear God. 

Moving along-----

I read parts of what I had read earlier to my son and looked up scripture and sure as grass is green, I saw something in that moment. We were doing what we needed.... 
SEEKING - together.

Now, if I can just kick myself in the pants to run (not walk) to God daily (with my children).

So, you may ask if I got an answer, a glimpse of hope to the parenting department. 
Why, yes! 
My hope is in Christ and His never failing word.

Silly me.


  1. Isnt' it so true in everything. Prayer and God's word!

  2. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing, and for typing the passage from the book. I love the dialysis image. What conviction!

    You have a wonderful blog.

    I pray the Lord blesses your time with your son this week.



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