Saturday, October 24, 2009


I really love God and I really love what He does for us.

I've had my hurts and shame and all the rest of it. I'm just utterly blown away every time He does something cool, in my life and in others. HE IS THE MAKER OF THE HEAVENS AND THE EARTH. HE IS THE ALPHA AND OMEGA. HE IS THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS.
I am perplexed at times why He does what He does, and why me? Why fix me? Why love me? Why use me? I understand that He mends the broken and saves the lost, which by my own sin was and am both of those things. I was lost, roaming through the earth without direction not knowing where I was to end up. Hoping and praying that if there was a God that He was going to help me, some how, some day.

Shredded up into many tiny pieces just waiting for my saviour to put me back together again into my original self, the one, the true me that God spoke me to be before I was even in my mothers womb.
There I was lost and broken.

Where I am now? 
I am now proud to call myself a daughter of the most high. Although, I admit I teeter between trust and not, love and not for my King. I still follow because I know that He has called me for a better life, with Him.   

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