Sunday, June 21, 2009

TOT SCHOOL - Mama went all out this week

I saw the looks of an ant colony in my flower bed. I pushed a rock out and there they were. Panic set into the ants, I've never seen so many move so fast. We rolled a couple more rocks out to see the ants home a little better. Wow. We saw quite a bit of tunnels and ants rescuing eggs. It was really neat. This discovery has actually led us to look at ants in our home school studies. 

You can't really see it, but Mr. Tot had a few little ant friends climbing on his feet and legs, he didn't even mind. Yes, he seems to like to put his sandals on the wrong feet lately.

We played some number matching games. 1 - 5 is usually what we work on.

He wanted to try bigger numbers also, so I pulled out 6, 7, 8. He did really well.

Our Tot Time was structured this week, more so than most weeks. Three days this week I put a number of activities in plastic bags like this one and put them all in one basket. Usually I just set out some baskets of things and let him choose. The bags made it easier for me to keep everything tidy and easier for him to pick out and put back what we used.


We worked on the letter P in a printable mini book from the first-school web site.

He glued and traced in the book and enjoyed it all.

I filled a container with rice and put a few items in it. This was his favorite by far. In summer he's usually found playing in our sand box, so this activity was played with for a really long time.

I needed a bible verse for the week and as I just so happened to pop over to Totally Tots, I found one. Both of my boys did this verse. I cut out all the words for my older son and he put them together like a puzzle, which he loved. I gave Mr. Tot stamps and stickers for his, we read the verse and he decorated the page.

Making a picture gluing letters and shapes.

Painting with Q-Tips.

and a funny painting brush.

Making a bracelet with beads and a pipe cleaner for grandma's birthday.

Math manipulatives are fun to build with.
(a house)


(a tower)

Sweeping up the rice off the floor.

Rock painting

His is on the right. I glued the eyes on with a glue gun. We are sending them to Grandma & Grandpa's to put in their flower garden. I just need to spray the rock friends with outdoor clear paint. (In fact, I think I might do that right now.)


is the host of Tot School


  1. What a great Tot-School week! I use the first school mini books sometimes, too. I love the rock painting and the ant study. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, the week was busy. I like those printables from the First School too - they are nice and small, and make a good book.

  3. thanks for sharing! Where did you find the matching game? I really like it. Also thank yo for showing the rice activity because I've been wanting to make a sensory tub but for some reason was stuck on the idea that it could only be sand.



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