Thursday, March 19, 2009


Today was a wonderful day of Math. I dropped the workbook today and pulled out three different activities for my son. He used our Tangram pack and played with the puzzles for quite some time and enjoyed the challenge. Then I got him to take some of the shapes and make a Tangram picture (thanks Jimmie for the idea), it's a man with a black suit and hat.

On to Math Dominoes.

What we did was flip over all the dominoes face down then pick up one at a time and multiply the two numbers on the domino chip. 
He enjoyed this HANDS ON solitaire multiplication game.
I couldn't believe how fast he zoomed through all the math facts.
Good Job Bud!

A little background information:
About 2 months ago I was online trying to find a well made fairly priced weigh scale for schooling. I just thought to myself that I would maybe purchase one next year. About a week later I walk into my son's room and there he is building a scale out of his K'NEX. 
Out of all the things he could have built, he built a scale. 
Can you believe it. I almost couldn't.
It's been sitting in his room like a trophy just waiting to be dusted off and used.
AND, today was the day.

Here's where things get really fun!

He compared the weight of 4 objects then at the end of it had to find out which items were the heaviest and lightest of all.
He commented to me that he had "lots of fun" doing this activity. 
I was glad to here that. 

We were way overdue to do fun, hands on math.

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  1. Oh, this is great! I'm so glad you had some fun math. I'm always truly amazed at the fluency my daughter shows when doing math via fun hands-on activities (versus pencil and paper).



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