Monday, January 19, 2009


I know the photo is blurry, but can you tell what the temperature is? 

It think it says -39c.
My husband took the picture and said it was -40 that morning.

That's the peak of our shed in the back yard.
Sometimes I mention how cold it gets here....
well here's proof.


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  1. Wowee, that's COLD!! Thanks so much for coming by to visit me from Carisa's blog. Her post about me was such an unexpected blessing. God knew I was starting to sink and provided encouragement in such a cool way.

    Thank yo so much for introducing yourself. Your little ones are darling and congrats on your pregnancy. I enjoyed reading your blog and will certainly be back.

    And-no, that did not sound bad about the craft thing. Honestly, I was thrilled to hear that even good, God-loving, crafty people don't craft regularly. :) What a relief!

    My oldest is n second-grade so I know how easy it is to let the thoughts sneak in about what we could be getting done if they were in traditional school. I was pregnant with our third when she was to start Kindergarten and while we seriously considered homeschool even then, I let the thought of a newborn and trying to do school too scare me away. In a way I wish I had talked with God about that decision then, because while I know it would have been hard, I think it would have helped a lot in the long run. There have been a lot of changes as we tried to figure out what was best for her.
    Thanks again for your encouragement.




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