Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tot School

Mommy took lots of pictures this week.

Mr. Tot enjoyed some colouring fun with markers at the beginning of the week.

He really enjoyed the Leap Frog Globe Game that I brought out this week. We went through some of the cards and he tried to find them on the globe. He asked to play with the game a few times, I'm glad he enjoyed it.

He's telling me about the snake.

Star fall was fun. When he Mr. Tot does play I usually let him pick his own letters in the main ABC window. The letter P was chosen for the first time. From watching the Leap Frog letter factory dvd he's caught onto letter sounds. So, when playing star fall this day he was repeating and interacting vocally a lot more than before.

This is what happened when Mommy turned off Star fall.
not very happy... is he? ahaha

I had to put a picture of our new friend in Tot school because Mr. Tot has been talking to it this past week and seeing what it's been doing in the jar. In the morning he'll go check on the slug. The kids pointed out o me today that the slug is no where to be found in the jar. I sure hope it didn't escape while we were gone. The holes are so small so I don't know how it could fit through without it dying. There's slime on the lid, so hopefully the slug was just hanging out under the lid. 
eewww... it better not be crawling around inside my house.

Mr. Tot has been playing with trucks tons the past week. He'll role play with them and line them up. 
Cute boy play, basically.

Lining up the trucks during school time in jammies.

He figured out all on his own how to do this!

I bought a set of pots last week so, as usual with any large box that comes into our house the boys find endless play in it.

This week was good for all of us, the pictures say it all.
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  1. I love that pail trick - and seeing how kids start to figure things out! And I need to figure out more ways to get nature indoors - like that slug thing. Though I HATE slugs . . .

  2. I was thinking about your slug last night ha ha that is what I think about drifting off to sleep! Did you happen to leave the jar in the sun?



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