Saturday, March 30, 2013

Viking Bread

Story of the World Cooking Project

I didn't really supervise their activity. I only came in to the kitchen to snap photos and save them from a sticky mess. 
I let them know they should have floured their hands and boards before kneading. They had quite a sticky mess on their hands! I'm sure you can picture it because I forgot to grab the camera. 
I formed the bread for them and threw it onto the baking sheet so they wouldn't become frustrated. I helped a little but it was mostly all them. From reading the recipe, finding the ingredients, to mixing and setting the oven and cleaning up. 

Eagle said he could see why the vikings ate this bread because it was very filling.
I agree, it was heavy. With a mild baking soda flavour to it. haha *wink*

They ate their bread with leftover meat sauce from a spaghetti dinner a few nights back.
Talking like vikings throughout lunch was just a given. 
Think of How To Train a Dragon
Funny stuff!

The boys did a great job! I know they're proud of their accomplishments.

With this activity I can check off

  • History
  • Life Skills
  • Character (they argued twice)
  • and Lunch!

The Book

The Activity Book

Happy Home Schooling, 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Helpful Tip for Your Home School

I find our days flow better when things are in the right place, easy to access and of course easy to work with.
Trying to share a book between 2 or more people can be challenging. Especially when most subjects are done together.

Textbook Stand or Cook Book Stand 
(tomato - tomato)

Both boys are sketching in their notebooks pictures of different types of geophytes.

If you don't already own one or even if you do and don't use it for homeschooling, I encourage you to give it a try!

You might not have known how useful a book stand is until you've owned one.
I bought mine in college for my enormous Art History books.

  • useful for picture study (similar to an easel).
  • reading together, when Zazu and I worked on his reading lessons (How to Teach your Child to read in 100 easy lessons).
  • Bible reading
  • sharing a book during family work time like in the picture above with our Exploring Creation with Botany book.
  • to stand up your iPad when ie: watching a youtube clip on volcanoes erupting. 
  • and of course for cooking with your kids so the recipe book doesn't get mucky.

If you ever come across one at a thrift store or garage sale pick it up, it's a handy little item.

This is the one we have

Good Day Friends

Friday, March 22, 2013

Weekly Wrap Up 11

This week was quite simple. For the fact that our school week consisted of only Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Daddy left to go back to work on Tuesday and the rest of the week I’ve been feeling under the weather with a cold.

No crafts, projects or even much reading aloud.
Just a bit of math, copy work, bible study, latin, scripture memory  and history this week. 

And Mommy napping on the sofa.

  1. Mommy getting creative with Alba''''s hair
  2. Starfall

 Eagle shot an arrow into the trees and is trying to throw a long piece of wood to retrieve it. He says he's waiting for a really windy day to get the arrow and the long piece of wood down from the tree. haha -boys!

 Alba writing up a storm.

  1. New books came in the mail. Yay!
  2. Colouring page from history

  1. Cheesy spinach goodness
  2. Home-made tomato soup

Here's hoping that next week is full of healthy bodies in this house.

Have a relaxing weekend friends,

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Digital Narrating

Narration is a term used by Charlotte Mason. 
It is basically telling back what you know.

We are fairly new to this practice but I do my best to work it into most of what we do in our learning time.

In the summer when preparing for this coming school year I purchased a digital voice recorder. I initially bought it for creative writing and/or Eagle to get his ideas out verbally.  

One of the problems I find is multi-tasking multiple children's needs throughout the school day. I'm sure I'm not alone in this. It seems that at the moment I need to spend time with Zazu (7) of his narration, Alba requires some TLC, or Eagle needs to run something by me. So using a voice recorder I'm able to kill two birds with one stone. 

Just recently I decided to pull out the recorder to give to Zazu for his narration in history. I just told him to tell back what he could remember from our reading into the recorder. I prompted him a few times to jog his memory (because I knew he knew). He pressed pause when he needed to think and used the recorder quite well, I found. I played it back for him to hear his narration. And as a bonus he finds it fun to use also.

Then I took the digital file and I transcribed it, and popped it into his notebook. He can also add images to it from the web, or drawn and coloured by hand to make it personal. Or of course, leave it as is without any illustrations.

It's been a great tool for Zazu (7) to narrate all on his own. 
As, it's taken the pressure off of him to present what he knows to me. Because sometimes there's an off day and he just needs to get alone with his thoughts.

This is the one we have

Another idea

  • An older student could upload the file onto the computer for a multimedia presentation, using an application like Keynote (Apple) or Microsoft's Movie Maker.

  • Happy (digital) Narrating,

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Chugga Chugga up the track...

I'm writing this in the midst of optimism.

I love these times. I really do feel optimistic. You may wonder why I feel the need to write about feeling optimistic.

Maybe it's the fact that spring is around the corner?
Yes and No.


When I look back on the last couple weeks it's been pretty good around here, overall.

The past couple months however, I've been climbing the big hill mountain in hopes to eventually gain enough momentum to cruise along the track with ease.

Climbing up that mountain, I've felt in my case, included setting up house, which affects our home school. This entails forming new habits with new responsibilities. Because of our location out of any town or city, Daddy working away, and the two new dogs. We've got heavy loads on our train cars, but we have to get up that hill to get things done.

Charlotte Mason refers to good habits as following a track. I find, that since moving here it's been quite difficult to lay down train tracks or rails of habits. School days have been more often than not, hard work and don't flow as I wish.

I played this video for my kids (but mostly for me), to teach a little lesson on hard work and to motivate us to keep going even when it seems hard.

We can learn a good example from that little engine.

Alba commented on how the engine helped the other out. Sweet girl.

It does take team work to run through our days. To get things accomplished and enjoy eachother in the process.

Just a thoughtI wonder if The Little Engine knew Charlotte Mason.I Can I Ought I will, ...I Can I Ought I will, ...I Can I Ought I will! CHOO CHOO...!kidding
Press On Dear Mothers,Mo

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